Fire Alarm Beeping Beeping
My Fire Alarm Keeps Beeping

First of all by beeping we don’t mean the horns and lights are flashing.  If you are experiencing this please go to my alarm is going off. If you are having a problem with a residential smoke alarm please go to the residential fire alarm section.

O.K. Now that we are on the same page lets see what’s going on.

When your fire alarm panel is beeping at you it is trying to get your attention. It is making an attempt to tell you that it is sick, kind of like when one of those annoying error messages pop up on your computer.  Basically there is a problem in your system that is in need of some type of attention.

Bear in mind that by stopping the beeping, you are not curing the problem. You are only buying yourself a little time to gather your thoughts and figure out what is going on.

Here are some easy instructions on how to stop the beeping.

There are many different types of fire alarm control panels out there. They all have one thing in common. It is a button, or switch that is labeled silence.

  1. Step number one is to locate the silence switch or button.
  2. Activate or push the silence button. (note:  Do not activate the reset switch or button, the problem will only return in a few minutes.)
  3. If your system has quit beeping  Congratulations!! Please go to the note at the bottom because you are not finished.
  4. If your fire alarm system continues to beep please go to the next step.  If your system is a newer system and is asking for you to enter a code or activate a key go to step 6.
  5. Some systems require you to acknowledge each trouble in your system.  For instance if your system display reads “trouble count 227” then you may have to hit the acknowledge key 227 times before you can operate the silence button. I know this is completely crazy,  that’s why we never use panels like that. Anyway after you hit acknowledge the appropriate amount of times the silence button “light” will stop blinking and go solid, now go back to step 2 and proceed.
  6. If your system is asking you to activate a key or enter a code, first you should try the common user default codes “1111”, or “123456”.  If that does not work then you have a real problem, your user codes have been changed by whomever installed your system.  I hope they are still alive, or in business because your going to have to call them.  If you reach them hopefully they remember your code.  Otherwise hit the contact button and give us a call we’ll see what we can do to help.

Note:  Hopefully this has at least made your panel quiet for the moment.  Just so you know this button or feature will only work for twenty four hours, then it will start beeping again. It does this to remind you that you have a problem with your system. Please don’t take chances with life safety equipment. Your fire alarm is in your building to protect you, your property, and any other occupants of your building. Hopefully it is what we would consider a minor trouble like, phone lines, low batteries, etc.

Give us a call if you can’t identify the problem and we can help you figure out what is making your panel beep, and direct you to qualified persons to remedy the problem.



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