Fire Alarm Reset Can't Reset
Can't Reset
Won't stop beeping or alarming.


         First we need to figure out if your problem is a “trouble”, “alarm”, or a supervisory condition that exists.

If your system is indicating that a trouble condition exists, then you should not be activating the reset function of your system. The reason for this is that you have not fixed the problem that is creating the “trouble” on your control panel. When the yellow trouble light on your control panel comes on it is followed by an intermittent beeping. You can stop the beeping of the panel by activating the silence button or switch on your control panel.  Activating this button will only provide temporary relief from the sounder, most systems manufactured since the mid 90’s are equipped with a 24 hour unsilence feature which is mandatory. This means that the silence activation is only good for a period not longer than 24 hours.  Trouble conditions are normally something that you will not be able to fix yourself, instead you will have to have a fire alarm technician do the repairs.  Some conditions that cause troubles are:  A broken or shorted wire,  low backup batteries, defective device in system, ground fault, phone line failure.  Again most of these you won’t be able to fix yourself, and should not try to fix because you might make the problem worse.  Phone line failure could be caused by phone technicians working on the phones in your area, or a recent change in your phone service.  This problem will sometimes go away on its own after a couple of hours.  Severe weather is always a possible culprit for fire alarm system troubles, as these systems are very susceptible to static electricity.


If your system is indicating that a supervisory condition exists, the you should not be activating the reset function of your system until you have determined and addressed what is causing the system to indicate a supervisory condition.  Most typically a supervisory is an indication of a problem with your buildings fire sprinkler system. If a fire sprinkler contractor is on site, then they are most probably working on the system and this is why the supervisory condition is on your panel.  Some conditions that cause supervisory conditions are:  Sprinkler gate valve is closed (this means the main valve or secondary valves are closed, and your fire sprinkler water supply has been turned off).  Low Air Pressure (this means you have a sprinkler system that is charged with air pressure to prevent freezing, and the air pressure on the system has reached a critically low condition, and is in need of repair,  this condition may be followed by an alarm condition especially if a sprinkler head has been damaged, or activated.) Duct smoke detector, or AHU smoke detector (this is a smoke detector mounted in the air conditioning system of the building.  These devices are normally hard to access and will require a repairman to address.)


If your system is indicating that an alarm condition exists click here.


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